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Multi-scented dust-free strong clumping spherical bentonite for cat litter

Spherical bentonite cat litter is a type of cat litter primarily composed of bentonite, a naturally occurring mineral with excellent water-absorbing properties. Bentonite’s characteristics enable it to effectively absorb cat urine and manage odors, keeping the litter box clean and dry.

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  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China
  • Brand Name: Meowcutie
  • Application: Cats
  • Color: Grey
  • Item Type: Bentonite Cat Litter
  • Size:1-3.5mm
  • Material: Calcium-based bentonite
  • Logo: Customized Logo
  • Shape: Ball shape
  • OEM: Accpect OEM


Cat litter bentonite effortlessly forms a tight-knit group in seconds

quickly clump

Cat litter bentonite effortlessly forms a tight-knit group in seconds, maintaining its cohesion without loosening. During the cleanup process, it ensures efficient scooping without leaving scattered debris behind.

Adhering to a scientific ratio of 6:4, bentonite clay in cat litter forms a tightly knit and fully cohesive structure.

Scientific proportion

Adhering to a scientific ratio of 6:4, bentonite clay in cat litter forms a tightly knit and fully cohesive structure. 60% of large particles ensure effective agglomeration, tightly wrapping excrement to isolate odors. The remaining 40% of small particles, rich in water-absorbing factors, significantly enhance water absorption capacity.

Environmental friendly

Derived from this high-quality ore, the bentonite clay cat litter is characterized by its purity, being entirely free from impurities. Furthermore, it guarantees the absence of formaldehyde, a harmful substance.

Quality Control

Employing high-strength processes with strict quality control, refusing to compromise. High particle hardness ensures they don’t break when rubbed and produce minimal dust.

Dust removal

Much like nature’s fine particles, the bentonite clay in cat litter safeguards pets’ respiratory health. Our 15-step dust elimination process, meticulously applied, yields near-dust-free results, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for your pets.


Normally 13Tons(20ft)is requested as the minimum order quantity.1Tons would be accepted, but with higher price. Different scents could be mixed into one container.

Yes.We could offer free samples, but the courier fee should be paid by your side.

6L(2.5KGS)/plastic bag,8bags/CT. Your special requirements are accepted.

Yes. We have our own litter factory and package bag factory with professional bag designers. We could produce cat litter and the package bags as your requirements.

For the existing package bags,2 week for one 20ft container (13Tons).For New OEM brands, it takes 3 weeks to produce the new bags, and the total leading time would be 5 weeks.For repeated OEM brands,the leading time would be 1-2 weeks.

Yes,we do. We provide matching pet products if you are interested in, such as scratching board, cat climber,etc

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