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Mixed cat litter

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What's Mixed cat litter?

The advantage of mixing cat litter lies in combining the strengths of tofu cat litter and bentonite cat litter to address each other’s weaknesses. Bentonite’s small particles fill gaps in tofu cat litter, enhancing absorbency and clumping ability. Tofu cat litter, in turn, compensates for the dust issues of bentonite cat litter while providing a superior odor adsorption capacity, making it an excellent choice for cat owners.

Crafted with a scientific blend, our Triple Action Gold Ratio Cat Litter surpasses single-function litters. It features 65% plant-based tofu litter with exceptional water absorption, adept at encapsulating waste. Additionally, 32% clay granules fortify clumping by filling gaps, ensuring stronger bonds. Plus, 3% deodorizing particles neutralize odors comprehensively for a 360° odor control. Experience maximized performance and enjoy the benefits of tofu cat litter for a clean and hygienic environment your cat will love.

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