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Cat litter box

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What's paper cat litter?

Paper cat litter is primarily made from paper materials. It offers lightweight, hygienic cleanliness, high water absorption, and quick absorption. It is suitable for cleaning up the excrement of cats, dogs, and other pets, swiftly absorbing urine, liquid feces, and resulting odors, keeping the environment clean and fresh.

After absorbing water, paper cat litter quickly forms clumps, facilitating cleaning. After use, it can be directly poured into the sewer, avoiding odor generation from storing garbage at home, thereby preventing bacterial growth. Moreover, it decomposes in the sewer without causing blockages.

Free from any chemical materials, paper cat litter poses no harm to humans, pets, or the environment when subjected to high-temperature drying. It is an eco-friendly product with significant practical value. With its superior performance, paper cat litter is poised to become the ideal replacement for traditional cat litter products.

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