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Biodegradable pine wood pellets cat litter

We are the primary factory for pine wood cat litter, offering the most competitive prices and top-quality products in the market. Interested in delving deeper into our offerings? We provide complimentary samples for you to experience our exceptional quality firsthand. Explore more options on our website and get in touch with us for further details. Choose us and enjoy high-quality pine wood cat litter delivered straight from the source to your hands.


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Product Name:
Oem Manufacturers 100% Natural Easy Clean Pine Wood Pellets  Cat Litter
99% dust-free
Clumping Pet Pellets
1.Quick Clump in 3 seconds, Strong Odor control, safety for Cats
2.Absorbs liquids by 100%.Eliminates all odours
3.Free samples
Commercial Buyer:
Super Markets, Wholesaler, Retailer, E-commerce Stores,Pet Shops


Pure natural pine cat litter particles


Crafted from safe natural raw materials, our pine pellet for cat litter is free from harmful chemical components. This ensures it poses no risk to your cat’s health, making it a safe and enjoyable choice for your feline companion.

Absorbed pine cat litter


After absorption and saturation, the pine pellets cat litter transforms into a powder, facilitating the cleaning process and ensuring a consistently clean environment.

Pine cat litter absorbs water and dissolves quickly


Pine wood pellets cat litter quickly absorbs and dissolves without dispersing other particles post-absorption, effectively avoiding waste and maintaining cleanliness.

Pinewood components effectively break down odors

Antibacterial and deodorizing

Pinewood components effectively break down odors, absorb moisture, and release a pleasant pine wood fragrance following the excretion of cat feces.

Easy to clean

Cat litter made from pine wood naturally decomposes and can be safely flushed into sewers or utilized as fertilizer for flowers and trees.

camphor pine for natural

High quality material

Utilizing camphor pine wood powder for a natural and environmentally friendly application.

Welcome to send us an inquiry [email protected]

Fast delivery of samples

You have the flexibility to select from UPS, EMS, DHL, and other express delivery methods. We can promptly arrange sample delivery to your doorstep.



Normally 13Tons(20ft)is requested as the minimum order quantity.1Tons would be accepted, but with higher price. Different scents could be mixed into one container.

Yes.We could offer free samples, but the courier fee should be paid by your side.

6L(2.5KGS)/plastic bag,8bags/CT. Your special requirements are accepted.

Yes. We have our own litter factory and package bag factory with professional bag designers. We could produce cat litter and the package bags as your requirements.

For the existing package bags,2 week for one 20ft container (13Tons).For New OEM brands, it takes 3 weeks to produce the new bags, and the total leading time would be 5 weeks.For repeated OEM brands,the leading time would be 1-2 weeks.

Yes,we do. We provide matching pet products if you are interested in, such as scratching board, cat climber,etc

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