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High quality silica crystal cat litter

Crystal cat litter stands as one of our prominent products. Crafted from silica gel granules, it boasts a transparent appearance with an elegant and captivating hue. Beyond its remarkable water absorption and durability, it swiftly absorbs urine, solidifying it into solid blocks, effectively managing odors while minimizing dust. Moreover, customization options include features to indicate urine acidity levels, aiding in monitoring your cat’s health according to your specific needs.

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  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China
  • Application: Cats
  • Color: Blue, White, Pink, Orange, Green, Black, Purple
  • Item Type: Cat Litter
  • Size:2mm, 1.5mm
  • Fragrance: Greentea, Nature, Peach, Charcoal, Baby Powder, Apple, Lemon, Lavender, Rose
  • Material: Silica gel
  • Logo: Customized Logo
  • Shape: Cylindrical, crushed
  • OEM:Accpect OEM


Description of the characteristics of crystal cat litter: instant absorption, high density and durability

Super water absorbent

Biodegradable silica gel, visible and rapid water absorption. Silica gel boasts powerful water absorption, swiftly soaking up moisture from cat urine and feces, effectively reducing odor dispersion.

The color of the cat litter serves as an indicator

cat litter indicator

The color of the crystals cat litter serves as an indicator, ensuring its durability and allowing for a monthly change to prevent unnecessary waste.

Describe the crystal cat litter type as very light

Ultra-light experience

Crystal cat litter weighs only one-fifth of regular cat litter, making it lightweight and hassle-free. It poses no burden, even when stocking up in large quantities.

Each crystal cat litter particle has a porous structure

porous adsorption

Crystal cat litter undergoes processing using multi-pore technology, creating a distinct micro-porous structure within each granule. With five times the absorption power of regular cat litter, it ensures greater efficiency, saving on usage while maintaining a consistently dry litter box.

Crystal cat litter with blue deodorizing particles added

Deodorizing factor

Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with our silica crystals cat litter! Our large blue deodorizing granules keep foul smells at bay,ensuring a hassle-free experience for cat owners when scooping.


Normally 13Tons(20ft)is requested as the minimum order quantity.1Tons would be accepted, but with higher price. Different scents could be mixed into one container.

Yes.We could offer free samples, but the courier fee should be paid by your side.

6L(2.5KGS)/plastic bag,8bags/CT. Your special requirements are accepted.

Yes. We have our own litter factory and package bag factory with professional bag designers. We could produce cat litter and the package bags as your requirements.

For the existing package bags,2 week for one 20ft container (13Tons).For New OEM brands, it takes 3 weeks to produce the new bags, and the total leading time would be 5 weeks.For repeated OEM brands,the leading time would be 1-2 weeks.

Yes,we do. We provide matching pet products if you are interested in, such as scratching board, cat climber,etc

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